Josheghan – Size: 130 x 213 cm


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ORIGINE: Persian

NAME: Joshaghan

PILE: Wool

WARP (Base): Cotton

SIZE: 130 x 213 cm

KNOT: Refer to photo (back of the carpet)

MANUFACTURING: Knotted by Hand

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The town of Josheghan is located a hundred and forty kilometres north of Isfahan. This small city is important in the history of carpet weaving in Iran and has gained fame for it’s old style weaving , for the interesting designs and the fast and limpid colours.

A wide range of rugs in geometrical designs is made in Josheghan. The size is vary from smaller to larger pieces. The quality of Josheghan rugs is very good. The knot density is high and the fresh and vivid colours are chosen from the best natural dyestuffs.

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