Mahallat – Size: 130 x 207 cm


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ORIGINE: Persian

NAME: Mahallat

PILE: Wool

WARP (Base): Cotton

SIZE: 130 x 207 cm

KNOT: Refer to photo (back of the carpet)

MANUFACTURING: Knotted by Hand

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Mahallat is the capital of Mahallat County, Markazi Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, the city had population of 35,319—10,285 families.

In ancient times it was an important location for Zoroastrianism. It has a cold climate, and strong winds during spring and summer. The city is one of the major producers and exporters of flowers in Iran. Every September the city holds a flower festival. In addition, the area surrounding the city is rich with travertine deposits, which are refined into tiles in nearby factories.

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